About the Bloggers

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Carol was raised on the East Coast just outside of Washington DC., moving to California after graduating High School. In 1993 Carol received her Bachelor of Science Degree from UCLA which she followed up with an MBA (majoring in Finance) from California Lutheran University in 1998. Carol began volunteering at the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in 2002 and joined the staff in 2004. She specializes in Visitor Services, tour operations, volunteer coordination, and marketing outreach.

Katie joined the Education Team in January of 2022. She attended California Lutheran University and graduated magna cum laude a semester early in December of 2022, earning a Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Art History. Her deeply-rooted passion for history led her to work at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library where she not only compiles blog posts, but proctors the Situation Room Experience. She finds this aspect of her work very rewarding, as it connects students with the past and emphasizes the importance of understanding history. “By what other voice, too, than that of the orator, is history, the witness of time, the light of truth, the life of memory, the directress of life, the herald of antiquity, committed to immortality?” – Cicero, De Oratore