Looking Towards the 2016 Election: Personal Crisis and Responsibility

The 2016 election is quickly approaching and the question of the age and health of some of the candidates is a topic that is in the spotlight of national discussion. During the conference "When Life Strikes the White House: Death, Scandal, Illness and the Responsibilities of a President,” hosted in-part by the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Karen Kiron gave a talk about President Reagan called "The Benefit of Age, if Wisdom Prevails."

iCivics: Learning in any place at any time

iCivics in the Classroom and at Home iCivics (formerly Our Courts) is a supplemental resource for educators designed to augment existing classroom curriculum for elementary through high school students.In order to align with the core standards in each state, iCivics is curated by themes such as the Foundations of Government, Politics and Public Policy, and International … Continue reading iCivics: Learning in any place at any time

This Day In History – May 5, 1985

President Reagan's Address at Bitburg In May of 1985 in the first months of his second term President Reagan visited West Germany to take part in the G-7 Economic Summit.  Because the visit occurred just before the 40th anniversary of “V-E Day” President Reagan and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl scheduled several events to mark … Continue reading This Day In History – May 5, 1985

Soviet Emigration DBQs

In the 1980s, issues of human rights abuses in the Soviet Union continued to raise concerns among westerners.  Most Soviets were locked behind the "iron curtain" with very few options or opportunities to emigrate.  At the same time, relations between U.S. and Soviet leaders stalled. When it was announced that President Reagan and the new … Continue reading Soviet Emigration DBQs