Looking Towards the 2016 Election: Personal Crisis and Responsibility

The 2016 election is quickly approaching and the question of the age and health of some of the candidates is a topic that is in the spotlight of national discussion. During the conference "When Life Strikes the White House: Death, Scandal, Illness and the Responsibilities of a President,” hosted in-part by the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Karen Kiron gave a talk about President Reagan called "The Benefit of Age, if Wisdom Prevails."

Free Workshops for Educators This Summer

We all know that teachers do not truly take the summer off.  Between preparing curricula, lesson plans, syllabi, and classrooms we know you stay busy.  However, the Reagan Library hopes you can squeeze in a day or two to come visit us in Simi Valley, California for some free workshops we have over the summer.  … Continue reading Free Workshops for Educators This Summer