California Protests in the 1960s

In the late 1960s protest movements swept the Western World, and perhaps no year saw more upheaval than 1968.  In Paris student demonstrators attempted, but eventually failed, to find common cause with striking workers.  The Prague Spring movement in Czechoslovakia, led by Alexander Dub?ek, was a period of political reform before it was brutally repressed … Continue reading California Protests in the 1960s

This Day In History – May 5, 1985

President Reagan's Address at Bitburg In May of 1985 in the first months of his second term President Reagan visited West Germany to take part in the G-7 Economic Summit.  Because the visit occurred just before the 40th anniversary of “V-E Day” President Reagan and West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl scheduled several events to mark … Continue reading This Day In History – May 5, 1985

Soviet Emigration DBQs

In the 1980s, issues of human rights abuses in the Soviet Union continued to raise concerns among westerners.  Most Soviets were locked behind the "iron curtain" with very few options or opportunities to emigrate.  At the same time, relations between U.S. and Soviet leaders stalled. When it was announced that President Reagan and the new … Continue reading Soviet Emigration DBQs