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Distance Learning Progams

Join us online for interactive learning programs! Programs are available for preschool through 12th grade, and are scheduled weekly through the end of May. All programs, offered in partnership with the Presidential Primary Sources Project, will take place at 2pm ET / 1 pm CT / 12 pm MT / 11 am PT.Find more information about each program at

April 14, World War II Propaganda, Grades 6-12
April 16, The Story Behind the Titanic, Grades 3-5
April 21, Decoding the Declaration, Grades 6-12
April 28, Ending the War in Japan, Grades 9-12
April 30, The Space Shuttle Challenger, Grades 8-12
May 12, Candy Bomber and the Berlin Airlift, Grades 3-8
May 14, President Reagan and the Cold War, Grades 11-12
May 19, The Constitution at Work: Elementary Edition, Grades 4-6
May 21, The Constitution at Work: Middle & High School Edition, Grades 7-12
May 28, Presidential Reading Program, Preschool-3rd grade

Individual students and families can log in using the link that will be provided following registration. Sessions will also be live-streamed on Facebook from the Presidential Primary Sources Project.

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April 16th
11 a.m. PST
45 minutes
Geared toward grades 3-5
Go behind the scenes of the Titanic Exhibit at the Reagan Presidential Library. Learn about the voyage, the passengers and the fate of the world’s most famous historic ship.


April 30th
11 a.m. PST
45 minutes
Geared toward grades 8-12Explore the mission and meaning of the space shuttle “Challenger.” Learn about the journey of the teacher in space and explore the role of President Reagan during this historic national crisis.


May 14th
11 a.m. PST
45 minutes
Geared toward grades 11-12
Engage with primary texts, photos, and speeches from the 1980s. Learn about the role of diplomacy and presidential rhetoric and commitment in ending the Cold War.

Online Program Spotlight:
How to Read a Document Guide and Workbook

The link below offers one of our online programs. It holds all sorts of material, such as maps, artwork, early census data, and activities like creating your own political cartoon. The answer guide is included. This is made for students in high school, and the time can range from 20 minutes to two hours depending on the activities assigned.

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