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On Saturday, November 7th, we invite you to join us at 10 a.m. PST for a Virtual Open House. Learn more about our new online sim, hear from teachers who have already used it in their classrooms, and get a firsthand look at the sim itself! To sign up, click here.

Watch the trailer for the new iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance!

In partnership with iThrive Games Foundation, we have created a virtual simulation to bring the SRE to your online classrooms! 

Focused on the constitutional issue of federalism, and with the backdrop of a pandemic, iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance puts 11th and 12th grade students in a fast-paced, quick thinking simulation.

“Students play government officials who need to decide when and how to reopen their states during a global virus pandemic. As members of a coalition, students meet to advocate their positions, negotiate and compromise to take care of their constituents and the nation.  They contend with conflicting information from multiple sources including experts in infectious disease and commerce, and the voice of the people. And the information is changing quickly.” – from the iThrive Games Foundation website: click here to read more!

iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance is designed using the best SRE strategies to create that same SRE excitement and connection, yet it is available fully online. It maps to core standards and includes several opportunities for social and emotional learning.

With pre- and post-sim curriculum, including powerpoints, character packets, activities, and materials, students and educators have everything they need to be well prepared all throughout the Lives In Balance process.  

The 48 minute sim is designed for six players and multiple groups of six can play at the same time. The only tools students will need are a computer and access to the Internet.

What do students think?

“The part of the game that I enjoyed the most was being able to be part of it with my friends and learning different tactics while solving an issue in our world.”

“I got the chance to stand as someone who is important in the decision making process for a national crisis. It was fun and I would definitely do it again.”

I learned about the different concerns and facts to consider when it comes to the decision making process in government and the types of powers the states in the U.S. have.”

To learn more, head to or email us at We can’t wait for your students to experience this new SRE opportunity! 

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