Three New Virtual Sims: Sign Up Today!

In partnership with iThrive Games Foundation, we have created three different virtual simulations to bring the Situation Room Experience (SRE) to your online classrooms! 

Each iThrive Sim scenario is designed using the best SRE strategies, and they are all available fully online. They map to core standards and include a variety of opportunities for social and emotional learning.

With pre- and post-simulation curriculum, including slide decks, character packets, activities, and other materials, students and educators have everything they need to be well prepared all throughout the process.  

Read below to find out more about each of the simulations available.

Lives In Balance

Focused on the constitutional issue of federalism, iThrive Sim: Lives in Balance puts 11th and 12th grade students in a fast-paced, quick thinking simulation. Students play government officials who need to decide when and how to reopen their states during a global pandemic.

The 48-minute simulation is designed for six players and multiple groups of six can play at the same time. The beta release of this  virtual simulation is available now and ready for your classroom. Sign up for more information about Lives in Balance here.

Leading through crisis

iThrive Sim: Leading Through Crisis puts 11th and 12th grade students at the forefront of high-stakes decision making, with the 25th Amendment at the center of it all. Acting as cabinet members and White House staff, students respond to domestic and international incidents during a crisis situation, with the fate of the country in their hands. 

Image courtesy of iThrive Games – click here to see more.

This scenario offers roles for six students and takes place across three episodes, which can be completed in two to three class periods.

Leading Through Crisis is available to playtest now. To sign up, click here.

follow the facts

iThrive Sim: Follow the Facts asks students to play roles of the media during the events leading up to and during a natural disaster. The scenario utilizes the real-life precedent of Hurricane Katrina and is based in Louisiana. Students apply and build their media literacy skills as they collaborate with one another on reporting the story.

Students critically examine and practice contributing to a high-stakes news cycle, honing their ability to analyze, share, and use information in a precise and timely way. At the same time, they refine their understanding of and tools to combat bias and stereotypes that can impact thinking and decision-making when time and information are limited.

This virtual sim offers roles for ten students, and multiple groups of six to ten students can play at the same time.

To sign up for more information or to playtest this scenario in mid-December, click here

To learn more about how these virtual simulations can fit in your classroom, head to or email us at We can’t wait for your students to experience these new SRE opportunities!

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