Happy New Year – Join Us For Winter and Spring Programs!

The Presidential Primary Sources Project is offering new programs, beginning January 2021! These classes are free, interactive, and aimed for students in grades 4-12. Below you’ll find a list of all the courses being offered. We hope you’ll join us!

Sign up here for fall programs for students and families, or professional development webinars for educators!

All programs will take place at 11 a.m. ET and 2 p.m. ET on their scheduled day. 


  • January 19, The Constitution and Presidential Powers
  • January 21, The Symbiotic Relationship of Slavery and Indian Removal, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage
  • January 26, Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington’s Mount Vernon
  • January 28, A Young Theodore Roosevelt
  • February 2, Planning for the Future: President Carter and the Energy Crisis
  • February 4, Pioneer Life in Indiana 
  • February 9, The Great Communicator 
  • February 11, Women of Kansas: Beyond Dorothy
  • February 16, Black Americans and the Great Depression
  • February 18, Exploring President Kennedy’s New Frontier Today 
  • February 23, From “Accidental President” to Political Powerhouse: Comparing the First 100 Days of Theodore Roosevelt’s First and Second Terms 
  • February 25, America’s Presidents Through Portraiture 
  • March 2, Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself: Roosevelt’s First Inaugural
  • March 4, Lincoln in his own Words: A Close Look at the Gettysburg and Second Inaugural Addresses 
  • March 9, 7th Street Challenge: Lincoln’s Commute
  • March 11, Daughters of Freedom! Rise of the Women’s Rights Movement
  • March 16, President Clinton’s Public Diplomacy in Northern Ireland 
  • March 18, Life and Legacy of Ulysses S. Grant: History and Significance of General Grant National Memorial 
  • March 23, The Peanut Brigade 
  • March 25, Truman’s First 100 Days

Find full program descriptions and sign up for student programs or professional development webinars here!

Program links will be provided following registration. Sessions will also be live-streamed on Facebook from the Presidential Primary Sources Project.

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