New Blog Series: History of the Voting Rights Act

Transcribed first page of Voting Rights Act of 1965 (National Archives)

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum is pleased to announce a new series of educational blogs! Over the next seven weeks, a collection of research writings covering the history of the Voting Rights Act will be published on our own Reagan Library Education Blog. In addition to exploring the original Voting Rights Act, this blog series will further examine the history of voting in the United States. Going as far back as the Constitution, the right to vote has gone through numerous reappraisals and changes, and this blog series will examine them. In keeping with the importance of studying the past in modern times, this blog series will also explore the way the Voting Rights Act has evolved since the 20th century and beyond.

Be sure to check the Reagan Library Education Blog every week to see the newest posts!

Written by Nicholas J. Dilley, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum

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