Thousand Oaks High School in SRE

Sit Room - Kids…your classroom could like this? Well, here at the Reagan Library, it can.  What you see pictured here is a test group for a brand new “Situation Room Experience” set to open at the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush Presidential Libraries in September, 2016.

Attending students will take on the roles of members of the Crisis Management Team at the White House, the Command Center and members of the press.  They will work in teams to sift through 450 pages of textual and visual documents to source content, make decisions and report on pressing news.

Whether you are new to the Reagan Library Experience or just checking in for the very first time, welcome!  Here is a space to share document based questions, new lesson plans and activities and educational opportunities at the Reagan and engage in conversation around it all.

Keep tuning in. There is so much more to come.





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